What is mobile attribution and why it’s important to marketers

In this model, every touchpoint a customer encounters is given equal credit. This assumes every ad has the same impact in persuading the customer to convert. Full credit is given to the last ad that a customer interacts with before making a purchase. Let’s now examine some of the difficulties and drawbacks of marketing attribution.

what is mobile attribution

This model gives different weights to different touchpoints across the entire customer journey, depending on the effectiveness of each individual interaction. While this provides a more holistic view, it’s also the most difficult to execute. I first notice a brand on a Facebook ad, and eventually convert through a YouTube ad. In between, I’ve seen multiple ads on my streaming services, mobile games, and browsing the web. The Facebook ad and YouTube ad would be given the most credit, while the touchpoints in between are equally weighted.

Duration (of attribution process)

Using this, marketers can track ads that users last clicked on before making an app installation. The problem is that the last click sometimes does not give accurate attribution. For instance, if an email campaign prompts a buying decision but the user clicks on an AdWord ad, this marketing attribution credits the Adword and not the campaign. When you work with a mobile app attribution provider like Trackier, you get a broader perspective of your data in a simplified manner. Our streamlined dashboard can be utilized for in-depth analysis without having to collate or wrangle data from anywhere else. Our anti-fraud tool protects you against fraud and ensures clean and reliable data.

  • In fact, only 39% of companies are able to attribute all their marketing campaigns, meaning 61% of companies are alarmingly playing the guessing game.
  • Instead, you should create an ad server with unrestricted IDs to improve the accuracy of your attribution system.
  • A survey conducted by DemandGen revealed that more than a third of marketers admitted they needed improvement in understanding marketing effectiveness.
  • This exchange of information can happen in several ways, but the most common is for the app to integrate the attribution provider’s SDK.
  • For example, knowing that a specific marketing
    message outperforms others in a given region can help better
    serve customers in that region.

By creating more effective, targeted campaigns, you can better understand your mobile audience and improve your overall engagement, ultimately leading to increased revenue. By creating more effective and targeted campaigns, brands can better understand their mobile audiences and ultimately improve user engagement. In marketing today, every campaign or investment needs to come with the ability to measure in real-time, track success, failure, and, where possible, analyze options for optimization/improvement.

Last Click Attribution

Your application code lets the attribution SDK know when different
actions take place inside your app, and the SDK sends an event
back to the mobile attribution service. Because there’s not really a standard for mobile attribution, it’s important to do your research to determine which partner or partners are right for your business. Working with an attribution partner means integrating an SDK into your app, so it’s important to get it right from the beginning. This also means you want to consider the weight of the SDK you’re considering integrating.

what is mobile attribution

There are many different attribution models you can opt for, so you need to make a choice based on your specific needs. As a general rule of thumb, you should find a mobile attribution platform that has a robust security system in place to protect the information you receive. Not only this, you should take the time and optimize your attribution window and improve the results you get. A mobile attribution provider can tell https://www.xcritical.com/ you whether users installed your app after watching a video, seeing an ad, or visiting a specific website. Yes, mobile attribution works in the same way as other types of tracking in the sense that it helps you determine what actions users took before becoming conversions. With that in mind, this type of tracking provides unique insights that aren’t available through Google Analytics and other conventional platforms.

Tracking methodologies

Poor data hygiene can lead to catastrophic assumptions and wasted budgets. Ensure you regularly validate your data and check your analytics platforms are working correctly. If user acquisition is your top priority, you might be measuring conversion rates instead of lifetime value. Now you might be wondering how you actually implement the right attribution model for you. Similar to U-shaped attribution, W-shaped attribution gives most credit to the first and last touchpoints, plus a third one – the opportunity creation. This model gives more weight to touchpoints closer to the conversion, which assumes older interactions are less impactful than more recent ones.

Mobile attribution refers to tracking the customer journey — from discovery to conversion — across mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and mobile channels like Instagram. A multi-touch attribution model must account for mobile searches and apps to get a true measure of digital marketing success. Modern attribution platforms should always include mobile devices in order to show a complete picture. Trusted partners understand multi-touch attribution and provide data showing cross-channel consumer journeys, B2B lead attribution and overall ROI per conversion. This requires a number of digital marketing tools — from deep linking to persona modeling — to eliminate confusion.

Learn To Harness Data For Success Using Media Mix Modeling

Most app attribution tools are built on the simple and heuristic Last-Touch Attribution (LTA) model, which gives full credit to the single last touchpoint. Nevertheless, keep in mind that each tool works under different priorities, rules, and criteria, and thus the attribution result for the same conversion could slightly vary. Mobile attribution allows developers to bridge the gap between users and apps to collect critical information. This data can then be used to optimize the user experience, ads, and marketing campaigns. Each of these mobile attribution providers allows you to measure
initial clicks, attribute these to an install, and notify
businesses of installs and events. You’re able to demo any
of the four at no cost, typically for up to one month.

what is mobile attribution

It’s important to employ versatile mobile attribution platforms or an attribution provider that supports various mobile systems and gives you an eagle-eye view of your data. The good news’s that regardless of the technology, Singular will still be able to provide mobile attribution that helps marketers understand how their ad campaigns performed. That’s via our deep integrations with Apple and Google, but also via MMM, media mobile attribution definition mix modeling or marketing mix modeling, which Singular now offers. MMM is a completely privacy-safe non-tracking probabilistic measurement methodology that helps marketers understand their impacts on a broad global level, and offers great insight into incrementality as well. There are many different mobile attribution models, but these can all be broken down into single-touch attribution and multi-touch attribution.

Work with top mobile attribution platforms and tools

MMPs can provide a well-diversified data set so you’re not relying purely on your own data, but industry-level data as well. MMPs also have privacy and security protocols to ensure your data aligns with your business goals while protecting customer privacy. Mobile attribution is how app marketers know exactly what led users to them and how they subsequently interact with the brand. Attribution partners take into account user events like clicks, IAPs, and installs to attribute them to marketers’ specific campaigns or channels.

what is mobile attribution

Read along to learn how you can find essential data points and interpret the information you need from them. The challenge for mobile marketers is that mobile attribution is changing massively right now. You should implement a few different alternatives, all of which give you a view from a slightly different angle.

What factors should you consider when choosing an attattribution provider?

Popular attribution models such as the single-touch and the multi-touch are all rule-based. Today a state-of-the-art mobile DSP can provide comprehensive options to target the most relevant audience precisely. SmartyAds DSP has been successfully connecting businesses of diverse industries with their audiences by programmatic targeting. Our DSP solution helps companies to achieve their strategic marketing goals due to efficient ad campaigns and their precise attribution.

Without accurate attribution, advertisers, partners and app developers wouldn’t know how much has been spent per ad, and how much a successful conversion pays out. With a better understanding of their mobile audience, businesses can create more compelling, targeted campaigns that improve engagement and drive more users to install their apps. Attribution is how mobile marketers know exactly what led users to their app or game, and how they interact with their brand.

An attribution window is the period of time in which a publisher can claim that a click or a view led to an install. Attribution windows are an essential tool for helping advertisers and publishers understand when a conversion takes place. Often there’s a gap between the exposure to an advertisement and the install. During this gap a number of engagements with ads can take place, making the matching process critical for accurate attribution. Privacy regulations, changing app store policies, and the ever-evolving landscape of mobile marketing mean tracking data accurately can get complicated. Mobile marketers can find solace in working with an MMP to help future-proof their data and mitigate data loss.

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